MSWDOMunicipal Social Welfare and Development Officer (The Philippines)
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The MSWDO said the goods came from "various agencies.
The MSWDO further explained that through the training, the fathers will develop positive concept of self and build on their character to become role models to their children, develop role performance, establish a more positive and satisfying relationship with their spouses as pre-requisite to effective and shared parenthood and establish support networks among fathers in the community through peer support group.
To make the parents better understand and realize their duties and responsibilities, MSWDO Head Mario Indopia grouped the participants and told them to write down the attitudes and behaviors of their children at home and in the community and the reasons why they behaved that way which they presented in a role play.
According to the DSWD FO-I, the MSWDO in the said municipality have already conducted initial counselling with the minor and his family.
MSWDO head Mario Indopia explained to the participants that the MRP has a two-pronged focus which are the clients in the barangay local government units (BLGUs) and other institutions and the service provider groups or the Municipal Chaplaincy.