MSWFMaryland Sheep and Wool Festival
MSWFMulti-Stage Wiener Filter
MSWFMein Star Wars Forum (German: My Star Wars Forum; online organization)
MSWFMassachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair (trade show)
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Fast Improved MUSIC Algorithm Based on Unitary Transform and MSWF
Using unitary transform and MSWF, we can get a fast improved MUSIC algorithm.
(1) Choose initial reference signal [d.sub.0](k) = e x [Q.sub.2M]Z[Q.sub.2N], and [x.sub.0] = [Q.sub.2M]Z[Q.sub.2N] is the input data of MSWF, where e = [1, 0, ..., 0].
This cadre UK JFACHQ was configured to enable the immediate provision of a deployable, coherent core of expertise representing the majority of divisions and cells required for a UK JFACHQ conducting MSWF. For operations of a lesser scale, or for multiple small-scale operations, it was planned to draw on cadre JFACHQ personnel to form ad hoc JFACHQ entities as required by the prevailing scenario.
He would also argue that there are still lingering indications that, even within the RAF, the acceptance of the need for, and the concomitant cost of, providing a national air C2 capability that could effectively execute a UK MSWF air operation is far from ubiquitous or yet fully institutionalized.