MSWRManual Step-Wise Regression (genetics)
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He added that it must also endeavour to establish the framework for partnerships with the development authorities, with the MSWR's leadership and coordination.
Abbreviations: ANOVA, analysis of variance; BWR, branch weight ratio; CF, charcoal-filtered air; DAP, days after planting; LAR, leaf area ratio (leaf area/total plant dry weight, [cm.sup.2][g.sup.-1]); LWR, leaf weight ratio; MSWR, main stem weight ratio; NF, nonfiltered air; NF+, nonfiltered air with [O.sub.3] added for 12 h [d.sup.-1]; PWR, pod weight ratio; RWR, root weight ratio; SLW, specific leaf weight (leaf dry weight/leaf area, g [cm.sup.-2]); SWR, total stem weight ratio.
In fact, through retroversion Talshir has actually restored a fine Hebrew word-play: msrym - srrh - mswr, which was presumably lost in translation.