MSZMinisterstwo Spraw Zagranicznych (Polish Foreign Office)
MSZMoim Skromnym Zdaniem (Polish: in my humble opinion)
MSZMagyar Szabvány (Hungarian standards)
MSZMedia Service Zawada (Warsaw, Poland publisher of childrens books and magazines)
MSZMichigan Student Zionists
MSZMadSkillz (gaming clan)
MSZMutual Security Zone
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The implementing guidelines, signed by Acting Davao City Vice Mayor Sebastian "Baste" Duterte, on Thursday defined the roles of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO), Task Force Davao, the Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC), and the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) in ensuring the security within the MSZ.
PSSCC, meanwhile, will establish complete closed-circuit television monitoring within the MSZ; impose exemptions to 'no backpack policy' and 'no jacket policy' in consultation with the security cluster and event organizers during events; and to coordinate with the other members of the security cluster and local officials.
The taskforce is also mandated to deploy a "red team" to assess vulnerabilities of the MSZ.
Muscat: Recent research has revealed that the Makran Subduction Zone (MSZ) is more prone to earthquakes and tsunami hazards than previously thought.
According to Ardito M Kodijat, programme officer for the Jakarta Tsunami Early Warning Centre and Liaison Officer for Disaster Risk Management, "We do not know when, where and how destructive the tsunami would be, but we know the presence of the MSZ makes it necessary to prepare to reduce the level of losses."
EPO 623 covers 638 [km.sup.2] and includes 60 km of strike along the western subcrop of the MSZ. Largely following data from Union Carbide's previous activities, supplemented by further drilling, Delta Gold selected a project area of 45 [km.sup.2], including the old Selous trial mine, for more detailed immediate study.
Thus, the MSZ is largely unmineable by underground techniques down to about 60 m, unlike the Merensky Reef in South Africa's Bushveld Complex.
BHP then confirmed the economic viability and safety of mining the MSZ, extracting 6,000 t of ore from stopes lying at depths between 100 and 120 m below surface and conducting over 600 m of development on-reef.
The presence of good grade mineralization at Selous, which adjoins both the Hartley and Mhondoro joint venture areas, suggests that a 3-km-wide strip along the western flank of the Hartley Complex extending 30 km north and south of Selous village should contain 300M mt of mineralized MSZ. Of this, a mineable resource of over 200M mt is probable.
The highest metal concentrations occur close to the base of the visibly sulphide enriched marker horizon of the MSZ but decrease rapidly above and below it.
selection of a contractor to perform construction, installation and other special works at the facility: construction of a site for tanks for milk reservation of shchuchinsky msz ojsc, at schuchin, ul.
ball valves according to en 10213-1, 10213-2, 10213-3, 10213-4, msz en 10204, msz en 1561: 2000 and msz en 558 in sizes dn 15 - dn 350 and 1/2 "- 1" and pn 16 - pn 250, ansi 1500, and class 1500 pressure gauges and valves (eg shut-off valve, butterfly valve, needle valve, temporary shut-off valve, instrument valve) in dn 15 - dn 125 and 1/2 "size and pn 16 - pn 250, ansi 600 and 6000 psi in pressure.