MT-CYBMitochondrially Encoded Cytochrome B (gene)
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The expression of the mitochondrial DNA-derived genes Mt-ND1, Mt-CYB, Mt-CO1, and Mt-ATP6, which encode proteins in complexes I, III, IV, and V of the ETC, respectively, was evaluated in isolated hippocampal neurons.
[4] Human genes: MT-ND4L, mitochondrially encoded NADH dehydrogenase 4L; MT-CYB, mitochondrially encoded cytochrome b; SURF1, surfeit 1; PDHA1, pyruvate dehydrogenase (lipoamide) alpha 1; MT-ATP6, mitochondrially encoded ATP synthase 6.
Combined deficiency of complex I and complex III was reported for some patients with MT-CYB mutations.