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MT-RJMechanical Transfer - Registered Jack
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The raceway delivers fiber into an AMP NETCONNECT six-port universal office box where it is terminated to MT-RJ fiber jacks.
Lately, an informal consortium of optical transceiver vendors, called the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), developed a "Small Form Factor (SFF)" module that supported the small optical connectors: SG, LC, and MT-RJ. This module looks to be the future of optical interconnect.
This provides a high quality precision cleave for MT-RJ, with the addition of two MT-RJ adapters: one for Workstation connectors, and one for Frame-Station connectors.
Connected to the other side is an MTP harness, or "hydra." A harness has an MTP connector on one end and single-fiber (ST, SC or LC) or 2-fiber (MT-RJ) connectors on the other end for direct connection to electronics.
"This design win demonstrates our serious involvement with Tyco Electronics and their small form factor AMP MT-RJ Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver.
It covers the entire portfolio of NETCONNECT optical fiber and copper products, including new AMP/Pirelli Optical Fiber Cable, MT-RJ Optical Fiber Connector, Toolless Jacks and the SL Series Outlet.
Available in specification--or standard-grade formats, the enclosure is compatible with the company's range of fiber pak/adapter plates loaded with SC, ST, LC and MT-RJ adapters, as well as a universal splice tray for both mechanical and fusion splices.--Molex
Agilent has introduced two standard-compliant, small-form-factor MT-RJ fiber-optic transceivers and a family of complementary 1Gb/s, four-channel "quad" serializer-deserializer (SerDes) ICs.
To help schools involved in cabling projects, the new Leviton MT-RJ Adapters are available in MT-RJ to MT-RJ, MT-RJ to Duplex ST and MT-RJ to Duplex SC styles.
The converter extends high-speed network distances up to 80 km and is available in models that support multimode, single-mode and single-fiber options, as well as SC, MT-RJ and LC connectors.
The 16-Port model 065-7530 and 24-Port model 065-7540 share a common set of fiber interface modules supporting ST, SC, MT-RJ, and VF-45 connectors for multi-mode fiber and SC connectors supporting single mode fiber as well.
The converters support ST, SC, MT-RJ and LC connectors, and are available in multi-mode, single-mode and single-fiber options.