MT3Maximum Tune 3 (game)
MT3Muscarinic Toxin 3
MT3Missile Technician Third Class (Naval rating)
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Table 1 shows that the GHQ-12 scoring method demonstrated good levels of internal consistency at MT1, MT2, and MT3 (Altman, 1991; Nunally, 1978; Streiner & Norman, 2008).
En el analisis de varianza se observa que los individuos con mayor numero de semillas fueron: Un2, Un1 y Un3, y los de menor valor los obtenidos por Mz3, Mz1 y Mt3. es decir, Un2 obtiene un numero de 78,802 y Mz3 obtiene 35,587 semillas, por lo que Un2 obtiene una diferencia de 121% mas que Mz3.
The localization of melatonin receptors in the iris and ciliary processes strongly suggests that they are indeed involved in IOP regulation [129,130], most likely through a mechanism that involves the putative MT3 receptors and a local increase in cAMP [131], similar to what has been described before for forskolin (Figure 3(a)).
Blackberry's Sample Acronym Hue angle Shell Casm 19,572 [+ or -] 6,531 Slice Pulp Pulcm 18,835 [+ or -] 14,731 Peeled Pulp Pulpm 29,346 [+ or -] 4,953 Pesticide t = 0 min Mt0 16,251 [+ or -] 3,651 Pesticide t = 18 min Mt1 15,895 [+ or -] 1,857 Pesticide t = 51 min Mt2 9,145 [+ or -] 6,225 Pesticide t = 107 min Mt3 15,231 [+ or -] 4,344 Pure Chlorpyrifos Pure 171,327 [+ or -] 1,474 Table 2: Values for xyz representation.
Although MT3 was generated by introducing considerable deletions in MT-full that covered MRE5, MRE4, and OBS, its activity was found to be similar to that of the full-length promoter.
Coge et al., "Identification of the melatonin-binding site MT3 as the quinone reductase 2," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Para el perfil MT3 (FIGURA 1) la ubicacion se escogio con el objetivo de poder intersectar al perfil MT1 y MT2 en el punto donde se encuentra el sondeo NR11.
Soil types analysed and results of standard ASTM laboratory test Passing Passing Passing Number 10 ASTM 40ASTM 200ASTM of soil (2.00 (0.420 (0.074 Material types mm), mm), mm), LL, type Site analysed % % % % MT1 quarry 5 33.3 21.0 14.0 -- MT2 quarry 5 43.0 21.0 12.0 -- MT3 dig 6 97.7 96.2 91.8 34.4 MT4 quarry 4 21.7 12.6 8.4 18.6 MT5 quarry 6 20.0 18.0 8.3 22.7 MT6 dig 7 90.5 82.0 61.7 34.1 MT7 quarry 5 20.0 18.0 8.3 22.7 Material PI, Proctor, OMC, CBR, HRB type % g/[cm.sup.3] % % classification MT1 N.P.
De otra parte, es posible que la agrupacion de el parche de matorral ubicado en Guayabal (Mt3) con las matrices, sea el resultado de un paisaje mas degradado en el que predominan pastizales expuestos con algunos arboles dispersos lo que podria hacer que este habitat presente condiciones similares a las de las matrices.
The 1820 (Mitchell Library, MT3 910/1820/1) version does not remove the gap in the mapping of the north eastern Australian coast left by both Cook and Flinders between Cape Flattery and Cape Weymouth, even though Jefferys had by then surveyed the area.
One mother commented, "You can't read a magazine without seeing a page on it" (MT3).
These four pasture treatments are summarised as treatments MT1, MT2, MT3, and MT4 in Table 2.