MTADMilitary Transport Aircraft Division
MTADMulti-Township Assessment District (Illinois)
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Effect of MTAD on Enterococcus Faecalis contaminated root canals of extracted human teeth.
MTAD (Mixture of Tetracycline, Acid and Detergent) It was introduced in endodontic as a substitute to EDTA to eradicate the smear layer.34 It is a combina- tion of an antibiotic 3 Percent doxycycline, a chelating agent citric acid and a detergent Tween 80.23
A study conducted by Prashant jaju et al concluded that sodium hypochlorite remains to be the gold standard as an endodontic irrigant although they tried a number of new irrigant like MTAD, tetraclean,electrochemically activated solutions etc.23
Reduction in Bacterial Loading Using MTAD as an Irrigant in Pulpectomized primary Teeth.
(2.) Machnick TK, Torabinejad M, Munoz CA, Shabahang S (2003) Effect of MTAD on flexural strength and modulus of elasticity of dentin.] Endod 29: 747-750.
ANTI BATERIAL AGENTS: Chlorhexidinegluconate (CHX), MTAD, Tetraclean, smear clear, Q Mix.
[9] reported an irrigation solution comprising a mixture of 3% doxycycline, 4.25% citric acid, and 0.5% polysorbate 80 detergent, named MTAD. The quantity of smear layer removed by an irrigation solution is related to its pH and the exposure time.
Quantitative analysis of the solubilizing action of MTAD, sodium hypochlorite, and EDTA on bovine pulp and dentin.
Root canal irrigants that are currently used during cleaning and shaping include sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), chlorhexidine, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), a mixture of tetracycline, an acid, and a detergent (MTAD).
Antimicrobial effect of MTAD, Tetraclean, Cloreximid, and sodium hypochlorite on three common endodontic pathogens.
EADS has revealed plans to integrate its Military Transport Aircraft Division (MTAD) into Airbus.