MTALMedullary Thick Ascending Limb
MTALMission Trail Athletic League (Salinas, CA)
MTALMedullary Thick Ascending Loop of Henle
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Os diferentes métodos de detecção de S[O.sub.2], MFR com e sem aquecimento, MTAL e MTI com e sem aquecimento, foram inseridos no modelo em forma de sistema binário.
iNOS mRNA has been detected in the S3 segment of the proximal tubule, mTAL, distal convoluted tubule, cortical collecting duct, and inner medullary collecting duct [36].
Apical NKCC2 and basolateral Na,K-ATPase are major sodium transporters responsible for active NaCl transport in the thick ascending limb of Henle's loop (mTAL).
Main features: the subject of this contract is the interior restoration work of the maison mtal, located at 10 rue de l~industrie in grand-quevilly, as well as the restoration work on its surroundings.
Furthermore, enhanced ROS formation increases mTAL transport activity and oxygen expenditure (see below).
The mtal school (medical technical assistant for laboratory medicine) is moving out of silcherstrae 5-7 / 1.
Arseneault (known as Arseno), Sablage Caso and RP Mtal are dynamic companies.
The funding granted through CEDs Quebec Economic Development Program will be used by Mtal en feuilles de Matane to acquire and install higher-performance equipment that is better adapted to the demand of its clients, including a digitally controlled hydraulic shear and folder.
Contract notice: 600136004 new building transfusion center with mtal school
The work of the optional section deals with the supply, transport and implementation of the equipment of the current section and the roads of resettlement: DBA, GBA avec crans acoustiques et crans anti-blouissement, glissires mtal, signalisation horizontale et verticale.
MTAL school, aluminum frame doors, steel sheet doors.
3314101 Machines for testing mtals for tension, compression and bending