MTANMinerals Technical Advice Note (mining policy advice; Wales, UK)
MTANMidwest Tribal Aquaculture Network (est. 1992; US FWS)
MTANMaine Taxpayers Action Network
MTANMultidrug Transporter Activation Protein
MTANMusic Therapy Association of Northridge (California)
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and Japan for patents covering our MTAN inhibitor for treating H.
The server appears to be based in Lithuania, but the worm itself was probably crafted by Dutch hackers.<p>One task of Duh is to steal SMS-based authentication codes that some banks use to protect customers who are conducting financial transactions from their iPhones.<p>"Historically, hackers haven't been able to defeat the mTAN technology," said Wisniewski, talking about the mobile transaction authentication numbers that some banks send to customers as a second layer of authentication.
I am not a builder of the MTAN, but it's a mitigator for the formation of a PGAN.
One-time passcodes sent to a mobile device, also known as two-factor authentication (2FA or mobile Transaction Authentication Number - mTAN), is commonly used by financial institutions to provide an extra layer of security from standard username and password log-in.
Today, the mTAN procedure used by many banks relies mainly on SMS functionality.
Near the end of the month, the company will be introducing a new authorization concept at all 2,500 of its parcel machines across Germany: the mTAN. The mobile Transaction Number has already proven its effectiveness in online banking.
Customers at DHL will receive the mTAN together with the shipment notification, which is sent as a text message (SMS).
Zitmo forwards all incoming SMS messages to a remote Web server so the attackers can grab your mobile transaction authentication numbers, or mTANS, defeating your security control.
"It's simple, but just enough for the ZeuS gang to grab your banking mTANs."