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MTBEMethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (gasoline additive)
MTBEMean Time Between Events
MTBEMean Time Between Errors
MTBEMean Time between Events (computer science)
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In the 2000s, evidence emerged that MTBE had a highly negative effect on the environment.
Supreme Court determined that Exxon Mobil owed New Hampshire $236 million in 2016 for MTBE groundwater contamination on top of the $90 million the state received previously from a settlement with other oil companies.
However, there is lack of convincing data for simultaneous removal of both benzene and MTBE using AOPs, despite the fact that both contaminants have quite often been found together in industrial wastes [18].
He said he was told - and the DEP has confirmed it - that the highest MTBE reading of 3.7 parts per billion to date is safe because it does not exceed the state drinking water standard of 70 parts per billion.
The RFG program requires 2.1 percent oxygen in gasoline by weight, which is equivalent to 11.7 percent MTBE or 5.8 percent ethanol by volume.
Added to gasoline nationwide beginning in 1979 as an octane booster, MTBE was banned for use in gasoline in New Hampshire in 2007.
In this work, the application of the traditional Naphtali-Sandholm method for solving RD problems for a variety of specification sets is demonstrated for the industrially relevant methyl acetate and MTBE columns.
Microvi Biotech LLC today said it has received a waiver for any permit requirements related to a California field demonstration of its clean water process for the destruction of MTBE in groundwater.
A synthetic organic substance, called methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), was produced in the Kingdom by SABIC and delivered to Saudi Aramco for distribution.
The Methanol Institute further notes that MTBE, when blended in RFG, comprises 11.5 percent per gallon by volume, compared to ethanol, which, when used as an oxygenate, makes up 5.7 percent of each gallon of RFG.