MTBLMean Time Between Data Loss
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The scores were given to the teachers before LBL or MTBL. The scores after clerkship were described in results section.
Similar to LBL, MTBL was conducted in the lectures as described above.
Given these, as our published previous works mention, we developed MTBL teaching methods where Chinese postgraduates intervened in the education process, such as the preparatory phase, clerkship phase, and after-lecture phase in clinical clerkship.
Subgroup analysis in the LBL and MTBL groups showed that the scores in practice test scores, case-writing scores, and total scores were not significantly different between male and female students (Figures 2 and 3, P > 0.05).
The MTBL applies to firms in New York City with 20 or more full-time, non-union employees.
For example, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), which is responsible for enforcing the MTBL, has indicated that firms may provide employer-paid transit benefits if they so choose, including via a transit pass or similar form of payment or a terminal-restricted debit card.
The MTBL does not contain a private right of action; rather, the law is enforced through penalties issued by the DCA.
MTBL is ready to exhibit two products, which will reinforce its existing HCV range, at the impending Delhi Auto Expo.
The MD and CEO of MTBL - Nalin Mehta has stated that the manufacturing of the 37-tonne multi-axle truck Truxo 37 will be started right away, whilst the company will roll out the tractor trailer Traco 49 with double versions of 210 HP and 260 HP engines afterward.
TRUXO 37, the new rigid, multi-axle truck that MTBL proposes to launch in due course, will also provide great value and better earnings to its customers through superior fuel economy and optimal power for a range of load applications.
Further, there will be an array of aggregates, cabin and drive line to showcase the superior technology behind the products of MTBL.
Despite an industry downturn, MTBL has reaffirmed its intent on investing Rs.