MTBMMean Time Between Maintenance
MTBMMicrotunnel Boring Machine (construction)
MTBMMiddle Timan Bauxite Mine (Russia)
MTBMMean Time Between Malfunctions
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I (Aberdeen: The Trustees of the British Museum, 1961); IS = regnal year of Ibbi-Suen; MTBM = M.
45 See for example MVN 17 12 after prison officials; the only person not receiving beer in addition to bread in MTBM 335 IV 12 was a dog keeper.
The MTBMs active direction control maintains line and grade with a guidance system that relates actual position of the MTBM to the design reference by a laser beam.
The Soltau MTBMs are the two most powerful pieces of jacking equipment owned by BRH-Garver," Moreno said.
In dry or near dry conditions, when an auger is used in conjunction with the MTBM for spoils removal, the method is more expensive than a simple belt conveyor to muck car system.
Neagoy and Akkerman President Maynard Akkerman met with Michels' Pat and Kevin Michels and Bill Weltin to discuss MTBM requirements for the project.
Now the MTBM had become a new design and was still evolving.
Ordinarily, Neagoy says, a MTBM is a two-section machine Because an exit shaft would have to be constructed in the lake bottom, at depth, the plan called for as small a hole as possible.
Instead of two sections of machine measuring approximately 25 feet in total length, Neagoy continues, "there would now be only one shorter section MTBM in order to fit it into the small reception shaft and be able to pull it out of that 20-foot exit hole.
Another issue, primarily relating to concerns about the geology and behavior of the anticipated ground conditions, was that the MTBM should have an independent form of advancement control at the heading.
After 240 feet of pipe was installed, the interjack station was used to advance the MTBM and lead the 60 feet of pipe.