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MTBOMountain Bike Orienteering
MTBOMean Time Between Overhauls
MTBOMean Time Between Outages
MTBOMean Time Before Obsolescence
MTBOMinimum Time Before Overhaul
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Rhyl CC's mountain bike orienteering international Sarah Bayliss, from Denbigh, represented Great Britain in the MTBO World Cup at Nagymezo in Hungary, finishing 36th in the sprint event and then 43rd and 42nd respectively in the long races.
The company said the Industrial Avon 200 life extension upgrade, launched in 2007, delivers 8.9% more power, 4.4% better thermal efficiency, and extends mean times between overhauls (MTBO) from 30,000 hours to 36,000 hours.
The Denbigh doctor came second and third in the crucial British Long and Middle Distance MTBO Championships at Wareham Forest in Dorset.