MTBPMDM 2 Binding Protein
MTBPMoney Transfer by Phone
MTBPMedium-Term Budget Programme
MTBPMittelständisches Technologie-Beratungs-Programm
MTBPMachine Tool Builder’s Panel (MachineMate)
MTBPMethyltrienolone Binding Protein
MTBPMean Time Between Preventive maintenance
MTBPMedium-Term Business Planning
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Dr Boyd said: ``We will be looking to see if the MTBP protein has been made inactive in cancer cells.
This will be facilitated through the integrated AFMIS that will link the MTBP to Treasury, thereby enabling the regular tracking of results at the program level (outputs) and their linkage to budgetary inputs.
They have made a virus that has the MTBP gene in it and are now developing an inhaler that could deliver it to the lungs and help stop a tumour from developing.