MTBRMean Time Between Repairs
MTBRMean Time Between Removals
MTBRMiddle Tennessee Boxer Rescue (Brentwood, TN)
MTBRMean Time Between Replacement
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"DuPont is always looking for opportunities to innovate in ways that help our end-users and customers, and we're pleased to be able to offer a sealing material which helps to improve process safety and MTBR."
In this paper, we derive a near optimal RSs development policy to minimize total development costs; we also maintain both DL and UL spanning trees and use the MTBR to ensure that BER and data rate requirements of each MS are satisfied.
Moore said the hydraulic principle behind screw pump operation delivers both high volumetric and high overall operating efficiencies in addition to offering long mean time between repairs (MTBR) and ease-of-maintenance features for field servicing, which combine to maximize operational uptime.
Project Team: (not alFinclusive) MTBR, owner; Gaudreau Inc., architect; Manekin Construction, contractor; MRA, civil engineer, planner, landscape architect; MarcMichaels Interior Design Inc., designer; Faisant Associates Inc., structural engineer; Kibart Inc., MEP engineer
The system improves performance, lowers total cost of ownership, reduces power consumption up to 50 percent, and improves Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR).
At the macro level, the goals of the program are fairly simple: to maximize marginal return on recapped components; to increase unscheduled mean time between removal (MTBR) for selected recapitalized components by 20 percent; and to reduce average fleet life to 10 years by 2010.
Because competing VAR models are estimated, (6) the variables in [y.sub.t] include real oil price (opr), average rigs running (rigs), real weekly wages of oil and gas extraction industry production workers (wage), industrial production index (ipindex), the three month treasury bills rate (mtbr), and the measure of price volatility (estar [equivalent to] [[epsilon].sup.*]) as estimated in (3).
Can HALT be used to predict a product's mean time between returns (MTBR)?
(g) Beginning in 1993, includes fuel ethanol blended into finished motor gasoline and oxygenate production from merchant MTBR (methyl tertiary butyl ether) plants.
Numerous close-coupled models provide higher efficiency, with lower horsepower, lower NPSH requirements and longer MTBR. Their straddle-mounted, double bearing designs reduce shaft loads and bearing wear in comparison to typical cantilevered, overhung designs.
Mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and mean-time-between-removals (MTBR) criteria are becoming contractual requirements with very specific test programs, proof-of-performance requirements and even warranties.