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MTBSMagnetic Tape Back Space
MTBSModern Times Bookstore
MTBSMonitoring Trends in Burn Severity (Wildland Fire Leadership Council)
MTBSMake Those Bodies Sing
MTBSMicro-Tensile Bond Strength (dentistry)
MTBSMobile Television Broadcast System
MTBSMean Testicular Biopsy Score (medical assessment)
MTBSMean Time Between Sorties
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The immediate application of SA solution increased the MTBS values in all groups.
Within the limitations of the current study, we concluded that the application of 10% SA solution increased the MTBS values to enamel in all of the tested groups.
Three-way ANOVA revealed that the MTBS was significantly affected by light-curing units (p = 0.
Table 1 and Figure 1 present the MTBS results for the experimental groups.
The results of the present study demonstrated that thermocycling (12,000 cycles) and 150 days of storage did not result in decreased MTBS values in all groups.