MTBTMaintenance Technology Building Trades (Central Texas College; Killeen, TX)
MTBTMixed Triglyceride Breath Test (medical test)
MTBTMinimal Tail-Biting Trellis (code)
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Deloitte, however, hinted at the possible direct involvement of some NSE personnel in handing out preferential treatment to some brokers, particularly OPG, and also named an employee, when it said, "It may be relevant to note that MTBT was introduced in April 2014 and Jagdish Joshi left NSE in May 2014, after which we have seen a decline in the number of first connects" (first-to-connect brokers who might have had preferential access).
It was important to everyone at MTBT that we find the right local partner to take over ownership of NSG.
The first stock contained the MTBT accelerator and the other two contained MTBT in combination with MBTS.