MTBTMaintenance Technology Building Trades (Central Texas College; Killeen, TX)
MTBTMixed Triglyceride Breath Test (medical test)
MTBTMinimal Tail-Biting Trellis (code)
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The first stock contained the MTBT accelerator and the other two contained MTBT in combination with MBTS.
The project was developed in consultation with the community, arts groups and Marysville and Triangle Business and Tourism Inc (MTBT Inc).
Tenders are invited for Tn_215_1 construction of road mtbt from banderi to dhubguri in udalguri district under one time special grant 2018-19.
Of mtbt road from ut road to telipara road in udalguri (randb) division under award of 5th assam state finance commission (asfc) of for the year 2017-18