MTCAModel Toxics Control Act
MTCAMicro Telecommunications Computing Architecture (also seen as MicroTCA)
MTCAMedium Term Conflict Alert (air traffic management)
MTCAMinistry of Transport and Civil Aviation (UK)
MTCAMilitary Training Camps Association
MTCAMinimum Terrain Clearance Altitude
MTCAMusical Theatre College Auditions (audition preparation classes)
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07 percent Hazardous Substances Tax authorized by MTCA is producing much less revenue.
One of the major MTCA accounts pays for "remedial action" grants to fund cleanup projects such as the Port of Bellingham's complete overhaul of a dozen sites throughout Bellingham that have been contaminated by historical industrial use.
She added “whether they came back with a trophy or not, the adjudication process at MTCA is so constructive that they brought home something even more important - growth as a performer.
MTCA spokesman Nangyalai Qalatwal said 10,000 pilgrims would be flown by Safi Airways, 7,000 by Aryana and as many by Kam Air.
Officials from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and Mother Theodore Catholic Academy (MTCA) engaged pastors, parents and principals in an extensive study of the invitation, as explained by Connie Zittnan, MTCA Director, in an interview for this study Upon conclusion of the study, the Archdiocese submitted a formal proposal to open two charter schools under a new nonprofit organization called ADI Charter Schools, Inc.
The levels of metal constituents clearly fell below the MTCA required cleanup standards, therefore avoiding the solid waste categorization and avoiding the costs of solid waste handling, storage, and disposal.
MTCA sites with WARM rankings and NPL Superfund sites listed on the 2000 CSCS were used for analysis in this study (n = 939).
The modules must be made in ATCA form factor or MTCA.
Have an on-line offer with hardware products of similar complexity, such as network switches, VME, PCI or MTCA modules.