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MTCCMalaysian Timber Certification Council (est. 1998)
MTCCMaldives Transport and Contracting Company
MTCCMontana Campus Compact (higher education network)
MTCCMcCormick Tribune Campus Center (Illinois Institute of Technology; Chicago, IL)
MTCCMicrobial Type Culture Collection and Gene Bank (India)
MTCCMajor Taylor Cycling Club (Palo Alto, CA)
MTCCMetropolitan Toronto Convention Centre
MTCCMaldives Transport and Contracting Company Plc
MTCCModular Tactical Communications Center
MTCCManchester Technical Community College
MTCCMarine Telecommunications Center
MTCCMulti-Mission Transportable Communication Center
MTCCMetropolitan Tucson Chamber of Commerce (Arizona)
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A: The general rule is the defendant need not require the MTCC to fix the amount of the supersedeas bond.
Caption: At MTCC, Arkansans share converged histories and expand their knowledge of African American experiences.
The bacterial strain used in this study, Bacillus licheniformis MTCC 1483 producing extracellular amylase was obtained from MTCC, Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH), Chandigarh, India.
Time dependent degradation of mixture of structurally different azo and non azo dyes by using Galactomycesgeotrichum MTCC 1360.
Species Plant Fungus tissue Dysoxylum binectariferum Leaf Fusarium oxysporum MTCC 11383 Fruit Fusarium solani MTCC 11385 Bark Fusarium oxysporum MTCC 11384 Amoora rohituka Bark Gibberella fujikuroi MTCC 11382 Species Rohitukine [micro]g micro]g 100[g.
Authentic identification of isolate at IMTECH Chandigarh revealed that the isolate belong to Streptomyces pulveraceus MTCC 8374.
Umniah CEO Ihab Hinnawi explained that the company's interest in sponsoring the 8th Annual MTCC stems from its recognition of the Conference's vital role in facilitating the exchange of expertise between local, regional and international ICT leaders.
Although Tirchoderma harzianum (Katayama and Matsumura, 1993), Phanerochataete chrysosporium (Kullman and Matsumura, 1996), and Mucor thermohylospora MTCC 1384 (Shetty et.
The Maldives Airports Company Limited operated bus service was handed over to the MTCC in a bid to create a better service, the Maldives Traveler Magazine reported.
After the 8th meeting of the MTCC and the tour of Maslak Acibadem hospital TRH Princess Ghida and Princess Dina discussed the many similarities between the hospital and the King Hussein Cancer Center, such as providing cancer insurance to the public, and highlighted the importance of collaboration between these institutions to share experience, information, scientific visits and medical training.
The bacterial strains with MTCC number were obtained from Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh and others were lab isolates.
Kumar, "Biodegradation Kinetics of Phenol and Catechol Using Pseudomonas putida MTCC 1194," Biochem.