MTCFMother Teresa Children's Foundation (UK)
MTCFMultiple Temperature-Controlled Facility (various companies)
MTCFMean Time to Catastrophic Failure
MTCFThyroid Carcinoma, Familial Medullary
MTCFMycobacterium Tuberculosis Culture Filtrate (infectious diseases)
MTCFMiddle Temporal Canal Flap (otology)
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MTCF is the executives of media multipath transmission including multipath-related authorization, relay path allocation and release, and relay path information publication.
During register procedure, MTCF detects multipath transmission capacity label from REGISTER message.
If participants reach an agreement on the usage of multipath transmission service, MTCF manages relay path for the multipath-enabled session.
To support multipath transmission service, MTCF participants in original two-party session negotiation.
A newly defined header field, P-Capacity-Set, triggers MTCF to process multipath transmission related message.
According to Global Crossing the MTCF will facilitate the replacement of the current MTS agreement held by the company, which was introduced in 1996 to provide managed voice and data services to a small number of government departments.