MTCIMidwest Telecom Consulting, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)
MTCIMotion Triggered Contact Insufficiency
MTCIMitsui Takeda Chemicals, Inc. (now Mitsui Chemicals Polyurethanes, Inc.; Japan)
MTCIManagement and Training Consultants Inc
MTCIMicrosoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative
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Prepared in partnership with research organisation, the Centre for Economic Growth (CEG), and based on the GTCI, Insead's MTCI assesses the policies, practices and the context that allow a country to attract, develop and employ human capital, which contributes to its ability to grow, compete and innovate.
The MTCI concluded that workforces from the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain (ranked 19, 21, 42 and 47 respectively in the GTCI) were best prepared for the global digital economy, while the future-work readiness of Kuwait and Jordan (57 and 58 in the GTCI) is "mixed".
The Middle East and North Africa Talent Competitiveness Index (MTCI) assesses a group of factors when determining a country's ranking such as the set of policies and practices, and enabling context, that allow a country to attract, develop and employ the human capital which contributes to its ability to grow, compete and innovate.
The MTCI provides an in-depth look at Arab countries' performance and lists a series of recommendations that would help improve their ranking, with investment in education and digital skills at the forefront.
Acknowledgments: The authors thank the Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT), Science Foundation Ireland, Strategic Research Cluster Award (08/SRC/B1410) to Molecular Therapeutics for Cancer Ireland (MTCI), and the BREAST-PREDICT (CCRC13GAL) program of the Irish Cancer Society for funding this work.
Curran, "Evaluation of the MERIS terrestrial chlorophyll index (MTCI)," Advances in Space Research, vol.
The results show that the r of CIred edge MTCI and RENDVI were 0.56 0.70 and 0.50 respectively.
The results showed that the two vegetation indexes (NDVI and RENDVI NDVI and MTCI OSAVI and RENDVIOSAVI and MTCI and MTVI2 and MTCI) could be used to further increase the GPC estimation accuracy (Table 3).
* Address correspondence to this author at: School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences & MTCI, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland.
During its limited operating time, the MTCI pilot demonstration unit at the Weyerhaeuser facility in New Bern, North Carolina, USA, was not able to achieve carbon conversion adequate for a commercial unit (>97%).
* On lab scale, develop kinetic models (with mechanisms) for kraft and carbonate liquors, evaluated under conditions of indirect heating and direct steam fluidization (the MTCI Steam Reforming process).