MTCMMontessori Training Center of Minnesota (St. Paul, MN)
MTCMMaster of Traditional Chinese Medicine (education)
MTCMMaster Chief Missile Technician (Naval rating)
MTCMMuon Trigger Crate Manager (physics)
MTCMModified Tissue Culture Medium (vision)
MTCMMultidimensional Trellis-Coded Modulation
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This approach is different from MTCM in the sense that the copula is estimated directly, without a need for estimating densities, distribution functions and quantiles.
Here, instead, we present some simulations to assess their performance, and we compare this with FS and MTCM results.
However, we remark that FS used series of the same length 1,024, but with 5,000 replications, while MTCM used a different wavelet, namely Haar, with T = 1 , 024 and 500 replications.
01 (b) MTCM Haar wavelet estimator (500 replications) x [10.