MTCOMarseilles Telephone Company (Metamora, IL)
MTCOMekong Tourism Coordinating Office (Bangkok, Thailand)
MTCOMean Temperature of the Coldest Month
MTCOMacon Terminal Company (Macon, Georgia)
MTCOMeasure Twice, Cut Once
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The MTCO II gene was amplified by PCR using the following primers 57-CAAGCCAACCCCATGGCCTCC-3' and 5'-AGTATTTAGTTGGGGCATTTCAC-3' as reported elsewhere [15] by using the Big Dye Terminator v 3.0 cycle sequencing ready reaction sequencing kit (Perkin-Elmer) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
From the 33 patients that were enrolled for this study only 8 of them presented a nucleotide variation in MTCO II gene, representing the 24% of the total of the patients.
Kurtz noted that PPAR-[gamma], activators such as pioglitazone and rosiglitazone modulate Cd36 and MTCO 1 activity, enhance fatty acid metabolism, and stimulate mitochondrial function.
Kurtz showed that telmisartan modulated the expression of Cd36 and MTCO 1, protected against visceral fat deposition, and improved lipid and glucose metabolism.
Previous DNA sequence diversity and phylogenetic relationships of octopods have been investigated using the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (mtCO I), mtCO II, mtCO III, 16S rRNA gene (Carlini & Graves1999, Carlini et al.