MTCPMalaysian Technical Cooperation Programme
MTCPMassachusetts Tobacco Control Program (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)
MTCPMaster of Town and Country Planning (UK)
MTCPMark Thomas Comedy Product (TV show)
MTCPMissile Tube Control Panel
MTCPMultiplexer Timing Communications Package
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The MTCP tested bidis on a standard smoking machine and found that they produce 2-3 times more carbon monoxide, nicotine, and tar than cigarettes.
The MTCP has said that additional research is needed to help answer other questions about bidi use such as how restrictions on sales should be enforced and about appropriate labeling of bidi packages.
In October 1993, MTCP initiated a statewide mass-media antismoking campaign.
He further said, Since we launched the MTCP, we have received 94 officers from Lesotho for various types of training.