MTCPMalaysian Technical Cooperation Programme
MTCPMassachusetts Tobacco Control Program (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)
MTCPMaster of Town and Country Planning (UK)
MTCPMark Thomas Comedy Product (TV show)
MTCPMissile Tube Control Panel
MTCPMultiplexer Timing Communications Package
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These programs range from volunteer counseling and testing (VCT), the National AIDS/STD Control Program (NASCOP, 2001), training of trainers (TOT), condom usage, adolescent and youth education, and mother to child prevention (MTCP).
Secretary of Marske Town Centre Partnership, Redcar and Cleveland councillor Mike Findley heard of the problems at a reception given by MTCP for Claire Skelton and Robert Kneeshaw.
A Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program (MTCP)-funded study, entitled "Smoke Knows No Boundaries: legal strategies for environmental tobacco smoke incursions into the home within multi-family residential dwellings," suggested how governments could be used to ban smoking in the home, specifically within apartment complexes.
The MTCP are co-sponsors of yesterday's ASH and Imperial Cancer Research Fund report.
The pounds 120,000 system, funded by the Home Office, came through a successful bid made by Redcar and Cleveland Community Safety Partnership and Marske Town Centre Partnership (MTCP).
A report published in the 17 September 1999 issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report conducted by the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program (MTCP) assessed adolescents' knowledge and use of bidis.
The Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program (MTCP), administered by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), was established in response to the approval of the petition.
The JSDF participation as a lecturer on Canadas Military Training Cooperation Program (MTCP) Strategic Peace Support Operations Course in Indonesia in August 2018 and as an observer on the MTCP Women, Peace and Security Course in Malaysia in January 2019
Estimated activities for construction of the mv mv, Lv lv and ctp for supply of a new 150 kw compressor (without delivery and installation of a compressor) of druzhba bus unit: - delivery and installation of mtcp 800 kva / 6 / 0,4 kv; - supply and installation of power oil transformer 800 kva / 6 / 0,4 kv; - making trenches for the construction of a pipe network for lv mv and lv lv; - delivery and laying of pvc pipes u 140 mm for the construction of a mv pipe network; - delivery and laying of pvc pipes u 110 mm for the construction of a lv pipe network; - delivery and laying of concrete b10 for pipe-laying; - making cable shafts; - delivery and download of cable mv and lv cable; - making wired heads and connecting cables mv and lv; -
The mutually-beneficial bilateral relationship is defined by cooperation through the Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP), a high tempo of military-to-military engagements, participation in multilateral exercises and operations, regular high level visits, as well as collaboration in hemispheric defence institutions.
More than 20 key open source projects build on DPDK libraries, including MoonGen, mTCP, Ostinato, Lagopus, Fast Data (, Open vSwitch, OPNFV, and OpenStack.