MTCSMiddle Tennessee Christian School (Murfreesboro, TN)
MTCSMalaysian Timber Certification Scheme
MTCSMultifamily Tenant Characteristics System
MTCSMinistry of Tourism, Culture and Sports (Canada)
MTCSMaine Technical College System
MTCSMovable Type Community Solution (software)
MTCSMF-TDMA Channel Structure
MTCSSenior Chief Missile Technician (Naval rating)
MTCSMobile Tactical Communications System
MTCSMaterial Tracking & Control System
MTCSMinimal Terminal Communications System
MTCSModular Time-Critical System
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A panel of experts (n = 6) with a similar research focus involving statistical and/or multicultural education reviewed the MTCS for face and content validity.
With a few extra TACLANEs, the MTCs can make anything happen, and this is the direction we are moving in.
Commenting on the commercial performance of the partnership, Ranei Ayoub Technical Manager Microsoft Technology Center Dubai, added: "We have built a strong sales pipeline from the MTCs worldwide and a solid marketing relationship across the globe that has resulted in everything from events to videos and articles.
According to SMART, the inclusion of its products in these MTCs will result in Microsoft business customers learning about and experiencing the benefits of SMART business solutions.
MTCs need neurosurgery and vascular surgery services and are able to treat patients with amputations, serious head injuries and people with multiple injuries.
Summary: DUBAI - Global leaders in energy management Schneider Electric and technology major Microsoft Corporation have reinforced their global alliance through a showcase of the latest data center solutions at the Microsoft Technology Center, or MTC, in Dubai.
The Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC), the largest communications company in the country, recently broadened its customer service capacity by unveiling the second generation iPad, better known as iPad2 on its Connect, Netman Plus and OfficeBox packages.
Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) is a malignant epithelial tumor of the thyroid gland that exhibits C-cell differentiation.
Currently, Open Text solutions are installed at MTCs in Munich, New York and London (Reading), and will be rolled out in other select centers worldwide in the coming year.
* Customer relationships -- Many MTCs can seal a strong relationship with their customers so that the customer purchases all of its mortgage technology solutions from the one MTC.
The missing piece at many MTCs is a chain of influence between the TSB/installation commanders and non-BCT mobilized units.
"The MTCs' incorporation of Emulex 4Gb/s HBAs provides customers with a state-of-the-art connectivity solution for Windows-based SANs, and the robust suite of features and interoperability enables a broad array of equipment to be seamlessly integrated into high-performance data centers," said Adam Hecktman, director, Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago.