MTCVDMedium Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition
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It exhibits free cutting of difficult-to-machine stainless steels and features a tough substrate and a smooth MTCVD top coating.
0 percent Co were coated by a commercial MTCVD coating provider.
The CP600 PVD coated grade provides excellent performance in both general machining and high-temperature alloy applications, while the recently introduced TP400 MTCVD coated grade is ideal for stainless steel and cast iron machining.
0, three new thick CVD grades (500 series), five new MTCVD grades (400 series), 13 new chipbreakers and hundreds of inserts; a plethora of SpectraMill products; Q8/Q65 silicon nitride ceramic grades; VM Modular Quick Change Lathe Tooling System; shrinker connection system for rotary and lathe applications; HSK connection for rotary applications; and QDT Quick Delivery Tooling.