MTDCMulti Tenant Data Center (CommScope)
MTDCMaharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (India)
MTDCModified Total Direct Cost
MTDCMalaysian Technology Development Corporation
MTDCMissoula Technology and Development Center
MTDCMassachusetts Technology Development Corporation (Boston, MA)
MTDCMaterials Technology Development Company, LLC (Westerville, OH)
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The CommScope MTDC Advisory Board will help clients better understand product and solutions needs, as well as services that can be provided by all members.
That is why CommScope, a leader in communications network infrastructure solutions, formed the MTDC Alliance, assuring customers who work with our certified partners in the PartnerPRO Network that quality enterprise solutions, like our industry leading SYSTIMAX, NETCONNECT, and Uniprise solutions, are being deployed in MTDCs.
Vigyan Ashram - a rural education project set up by Dr SS Kalbag, Sindhutai Sabkar's orphanage project in Pune, Hiware Bazar village developed by Popatrao Baguji Pawar and ashrams set up by Baba Amte and Vinoba Bhave are the other five places MTDC is going to add on to its tourist map.
MTDC has set up a three-week's training programme for the faculties of various tourism institutions who will later design a course module for the aspiring guides.
Adopting hygienic way of food preparation will be first started in their own MTDC resorts and then enforced at other food joints and hotels that will need to be hygiene-certified.
Crowley joined MTDC, the commonwealth's venture capital investment firm, in 1978, first as an investment analyst and then as chief investment officer and executive vice president.
The North American MTDC began with the 170-kilometer connection of the Canadian utility's Des Cantons, Quebec, substation to the New England Power Pool's substation in Comerford, N.
In addition to improved mapping, the MTDC has identified scores of resource-management uses for GPS, and the ideas are still rolling in:
end Portal along with Centralized Reservation system (CRS), Tour Package system and all other applications running on the MTDC website www.
Jagdish Patil, managing director of MTDC, said, "These services will boost tourism greatly.
A senior MTDC official told TOI that former state chief secretary Jayant K Banthia had given a verbal approval to the new system.