MTDEModern Technology Demonstrator Engine (program; US Army)
MTDEMultimedia Title Development Environment
MTDEMaterial Tecnico de Espeleologia (Spanish: Technical Material of Speleology)
MTDEMORE (Member Organized Resource Exchange) Time Dollar Exchange (St. Louis, MO)
MTDEMajor Turboshaft Demonstration Engine
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The inaugural MTDE, bringing together a broad and strong mix of Singapore businesses, is timely and offers an ideal platform for businesses from Singapore and Myanmar to interact and share their experience and knowledge.
GKL has strong proven soft skill solutions that I believe MTDE will be the best platform for GKL to showcase her products to travel, hospitality and retail sector in Myanmar.
With this curation, MTDE 2016 will provide trade visitors across the Travel, Hospitality and Retail industries a wide range of solutions and services to improve business productivity through effective learning and skills upgrading programmes.