MTDFMedium Term Development Framework
MTDFMeghalaya Tourism Development Forum (India)
MTDFMushroom Test Demonstration Facility (Pennsylvania State University)
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Although the first MTDF (2005-2010) was launched before the Vision 2030, it was the beginning of the series of medium-term plans.
The MTDF envisages the promotion of integrated construction approach through a combination of design orientation, use of traditional and indigenous building materials and adoption of new construction techniques, making housing construction cost-effective and ensuring upgradation of quality, by:
The manual has identified various stakeholders responsible for bringing and ensuring quality of academic programs in line with areas identified in MTDF 2005-10 like teachers, academics, university administrators, employers, parents and the government but ignored students who are central focus in assessments of postsecondary educational quality (Knapper, 2001; Rajasingh and Rajasekaran, 2009).
The MTDF priorities indicate that upgradation of physical infrastructure (48.
The nitrogen content for all treatments was considered high for MTDF conditions, but there was little problem conditioning the compost in PII as per compost observations made and reported.
A much larger mass housing construction will be required if the housing backlog is to be reduced during the MTDF.
MTDF strategy for energy include building 7880 MW additional power generation capacity up to 2010 by generating additional 4860 MW from natural gas, 1260 MW from Hydel, 900 MW from coal, 700 MW from renewable and 160 MW from oil power generation units.
The MTDF 2005-10 also places considerable emphasis on investing in skills development to make Pakistan's labour force globally competitive.
Implementation of Medium Term Development framework of Government of Pakistan; Aligning with the priorities of MTDF the operational strategy of SMEDA has been suitably adjusted to adequately address issues related to sector development at sub national level.
Irfan Elahi said, the department also prepares an overall Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF) of developmental activities in the province, adding that the MTDF lays down the developmental activities to be carried out in the province in various sectors of the provincial economy.
Under the major MTDF (2011-2014) initiatives for energy security, ADB-assisted renewable energy development sector investment program envisages Rs11.
The future plan for livestock sector is to meet MTDF targets for meat, 5.