MTDIMaximum Tolerable Daily Intake
MTDIManagement Training and Development Institute
MTDIMountaintop Truck Driving Institute (Garrett College; Grantsville, MD)
MTDIMcLeodUSA Telecom Development, Inc. (South Dakota)
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Over time, MTDI expanded its curriculum to two-week courses on multiple topics covering leadership, listening, critical thinking, decision making, conflict resolution, and team building.
With the decline in USAID sponsorship of international students to the US, during 2002-2006 Morris explored the potential to add MTDI functions to operations of several other organizations.
While the MTDI program ended and occasional efforts to develop a new NPAC-type project stalled (Kern, 2008), philosophies embodied in the original NPAC communication training program and the communication seminars of Michigan State University and MTDI continued within a new organizational platform.
Participant evaluations of the Michigan State and MTDI communication seminars were generally highly complimentary and helped guide adjustments to training teams and content emphasis (Robert Morris, personal communication, June 16, 2015).
Those experiences provided a valuable foundation when he began working in 1987 as a consultant to MTDI in the Management Communication for Development (MCD) Seminars.
To analyze the validity of the VDHS, the VDHS and MTDI were compared for presence of decay.
Data were also analyzed using the Fisher exact test, Cochran Q test, and the Mantel-Haenszel test to explore explanations for the discrepancies between the VDHS and MTDI.
Both approaches found similar numbers of children with 1, 2, and 3 decayed teeth; however, the MTDI found many more children with 4 to 8 decayed teeth.
In addition, the table lists the number of subjects by each location of decay as determined by the MTDI.
Results of testing for the 3 explanations for possible discrepancies between the VDHS and the MTDI are as follows.
With regard to the position of decay in the maxillary versus mandibular arch, the VDHS was not significantly different from the MTDI in identifying either: 1) single-surface maxillary decay in the primary (0.
Since the carious lesions most often missed by the VDHS were single-surface lesions in general and particularly in the posterior of the mouth, the use of the mirror in MTDI may account for much of the differences in findings.