MTDMMechanics of Time Dependent Materials (conference)
MTDMMachine, Tool, Die and Mould (Canadian manufacturing industry)
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La aplicacion de la metodologia por etapas, permitio verificar la contribucion de cada una de las tecnicas aplicadas: 1) la caracterizacion del inversionista es la base del proceso, sin esta todo el trabajo seria especulativo; 2) los metodos MTDM fundamentados en procesos cientificos, mejoran la seleccion de las alternativas, sin dejar de lado la incertidumbre del proceso de toma de decisiones.
La aplicacion del MTDM con la participacion de colombianos expertos en el sector de las renovables, permitio determinar despues de los procesos de comparacion de los criterios, que la disponibilidad de la fuente es el atributo mas importante a considerar en los procesos de evaluacion de altenativas FER para edificios comerciales en Colombia.
The present study focused on our experiences in the specific nursing characteristics of mtDM. The four cases with mtDM belonged to three different families, and their relatives were also detected and proved to be with the transfer from A to G at 3243 point of mitochondrial tRNA leucine gene.
Patients with mtDM, especially in younger patients, may go to two extremes: 1) The parents often feel so sorry about the children's disease and it's hereditary that they would spoil him/her; the children themselves may attribute their misfortune to their parents and develop a bossy and willful character, then doing whatever they want; 2) Some children with mtDM learn to take care of themselves
It is advocated to have roughage of proper amount and avoid glucose, sucrose and other sweet foods.3 Since patients with mtDM are usually emaciated, food control should be adjusted within an appropriate range.
However, since the blood lactate level will significantly increase after exercise in mtDM, it is better to engage in mild exercise only.
The skiers' consistent positive ratings of PMST and the MTDM provide at least preliminary support for the effectiveness of this type of intervention model.