MTDPMolecular Targets Development Program (now Molecular Targets Library; US NCI)
MTDPMinority Telecommunications Development Program (est. 1978; Washington, DC)
MTDPMultiagent Team Decision Problem (algorithm model)
MTDPMid-Term Development Plan
MTDPMacy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
MTDPMinimum Temperature Difference Perceived (imaging systems)
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MTDP Area: The pre-project (1992-93) and post-project (2002-03) yields of major crops at MTDP as collected through farmer's interviews are graphically shown in Figure 7.
The maximum increase in yield of Rice (46%) was observed at MSP, whereas for chilli the maximum increase of 147% was observed at MTDP study site.
Similarly, at MTDP an upward trend of 147% was achieved for the chilli crop.
The MTDP promises free market disciples, for example, that the Philippines will "reduce government intervention in the production, marketing and processing of agricultural inputs and outputs," and "discard traditional trade and industrial policies that dispense protection to domestic industries.
The central prongs of the MTDP, however, are much narrower than the plan's rhetorical aspirations.
Throughout the Philippines, land and labor conflicts are emerging in areas newly scheduled for "development" under the MTDP, and are continuing and intensifying in areas where the MTDP proposes building on existing projects and developments.
Generally, Quindara says, the RICs and Philippines 2000 projects are becoming a magnet for mass troop deployments, with many new or ongoing military operations being carried out in close proximity to areas planned to be used for RICs, agrarian export projects connected to the MIDP or development projects tied to the MTDP.
The conflict over the Chico Dam, a massive hydroelectric project called off in the mid-1980s, may well be a prototype of the disputes likely to proliferate with the pursuit of the MTDP.
With new unrest expected as a result of the MTDP, military action against Cordillera civilians is not likely to end any time soon.
The government is now planning a series of 17 so-called minidams the Cordillera region as part of the MTDP.
Development projects undertaken as part of the MTDP are likely to exacerbate this enduring problem.
Many landowners are eagerly converting their land to non-agricultural uses or export crop production in order to take advantage of the opportunities posed by the MTDP, and increasing number of poor farmers are becoming landless [see "LandScam: Agrarian `Reform,' Ramos Style"