MTDTMemory Technology, Design, and Testing (IEEE Workshop)
MTDTMaking the Difference Together (parenting)
MTDTMycobacterium Tuberculosis Direct Test (infectious diseases)
MTDTMathematics Test Development Team (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority; UK)
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Les etats financiers consolides intermediaires de la societe Ennakl Automobiles au 30 juin 2015, font ressortir un total net de bilan consolide de 238,526 MTDT, des capitaux propres consolides s'elevant a 99,895 MDT y compris le resultat consolide de la periode qui s'eleve a 19,928 MDT.
o Hateley added: "I got bored with it woDs MtDt " Hateley was asked to fill in at central defence on a handful of occasions during his Ibrox career and impressed in the role.