MTEMinisterio do Trabalho e Emprego (Brazilian Ministry of Work)
MTEMiles to Empty (vehicle fuel indicator)
MTEMonroe Truck Equipment (Monroe, WI)
MTEMeet the Experts (various organizations)
MTEMail Transport Equipment
MTEMalaysia Technology Expo (trade show)
MTEMaintenance Test Equipment
MTEMark the Electrician (Los Alamos, NM)
MTEMeetings Technology Expo (trade show)
MTEMahjong Towers Eternity (gaming)
MTEMathematics Teacher Educator (journal)
MTEMonths to Exhaust
MTEMy Thoughts Exactly
MTEManufacturing/Technical Engineer
MTEMovable Type Enterprise (blogging platform)
MTEMore than Engineering (Canada)
MTEMiddleware Technology Evaluation
MTEMicrosoft Technology Expert
MTEMoving Target Exploitation
MTEMultisystem Test Equipment
MTEMonitoring Tree Element (computing)
MTEMultiple Tenant Environment
MTEMedical Transcription Editor
MTEMeasurement and Test Equipment (also seen as M&TE)
MTEManual Test Equipment
MTEMedical Treatment Element
MTEMultiple Terminal Emulator
MTEMission Task Element
MTEMaintenance Training Equipment
MTEManage the Enterprise
MTEMediterranean-Type Ecosystem
MTEMaster of Textile Engineering (also seen as MT ENG)
MTEMessage Transfer Element
MTEMagnetic Torque Electronics
MTEMachine Transfer Entries (ACH money transfers)
MTEModular Threat Emitter
MTEMobile Tail Enclosure (USAF C-5)
MTEMultipurpose Test Equipment
MTEMinimal Test Equipment
MTEMaximum Temperature Engine
MTEMastergroup Translating Equipment (ITU-T)
MTEMicrowave Test Equipment
MTEMechanical Transport Establishment (India)
MTEMarine Traffic Engineering
MTEMobile Terminal Enhancement (Sprint)
MTEMaximum Tracking Error
MTEMulti-System Test Engineering
MTEMissile Test Equipment
MTEMinimum Transmit Energy
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The MTE 2019 is co-organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Philippine Exports Confederation and the Abreeza Ayala Malls.
The MTE was officially launched last Saturday and will run until Wednesday featuring improved products of local entrepreneurs.
He said the MTE will reduce logging activities in natural forests as far as it can, and will only cut down trees aged 30 years and above in Mandalay and Sagaing regions, in accordance with the rules set by the Forest Department.
The Director of MTE wrote an official letter to FIA and mentioned the advertising of the illegal societies and cheating the public by saying that the societies are approved from RDA.
A segunda coleta foi realizada no MTE, no mes de agosto e, teve como objetivo, avaliar o consumo alimentar relativo ao periodo de treinamento e estadia no centro de treinamento.
(MTE) solution removes the data from where the bad actor thinks it 'should be',
His main research field is all aspects related to Language 1/L1-education (also known as Mother Tongue Education (MTE)), including literature, writing, media and multilingual education.
This means that the axial load limit of the STE and the MTE is identical.
MTE 1 deviated from the lesson to talk about the [design of the story] problem with her students (problems including wordiness that could challenge English language learners, and context) and that was like Wow!
Furthermore, the study demonstrated the occurrence of several heat shock elements (HSEs) as binding sites for the major heat shock factor including other core promoter elements like transcriptional start site for the HSPA6, canonical TATA- box, DPE, MTE, BRE, CpG island, palindromic and repeated sequences.
Teak Solutions bought the timber from Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE), a state-run wood trading company that was recently sanctioned by Denmark for supplying teak of dubious-origin.
Este modelo de trabajo con empresas (MTE) esta consolidado en Alemania, y se considera que ha sido clave en la promocion de la productividad de sus empresas, la integracion social y el desarrollo individual (Gohringer, 2002; Gessler, 2009).