MTEAMilwaukee Teachers' Education Association
MTEAMinnesota Technology Education Association
MTEAMiddletown Township Education Association (Belford, NJ)
MTEAMarlboro Township Education Association (Marlboro, NJ)
MTEAMusical Theatre Educators Alliance Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)
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Social interaction, being tactile, and the authority and perseverance subdimensions of the learning styles scale also displayed significant relationships with the MTEA subdimension.
The perseverance and being tactile subdimensions of the learning-styles scale were significantly and negatively related with the MTEA subdimension.
It is not a top-down approach, but something from the members at a local level," said Dennis Oulahan, president of MTEA. "We see some real possibilities for improvement now."
Changes had been on the horizon for the 80,000-student district, and MPS and MTEA were one step ahead of the governor.
"Everybody wins here," said MTEA Assistant Director Cheryl Barczak.
* Following a successful union grievance, the MTEA advised members that a principal "cannot require a faculty to submit lesson plans weekly nor on any other periodic basis." A principal "may occasionally check the lesson plans of all teachers." (Emphasis in original.)
While private schools may legally choose to only educate the "cream of the crop," Fons, an MTEA building rep, points out, "Milwaukee Public Schools [MPS] have the public duty to educate everybody."
* Right after demanding the imprisonment of striking MTEA members, Middletown school board negotiators wrote in a letter to the community: "Each of us is dismayed and saddened that some of our children's teachers are going to jail.
"Now we will move forward to ensure that this Association never faces such acrimonious bargaining again," pledges MTEA President Diane Swaim.
* Such a suit has already been filed, by both the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association (MTEA) and the American Civil Liberties Union, against Wisconsin's voucher law.