MTEDMarket and Trade Economics Division (USDA)
MTEDMinistry of Trade and Economic Development (Armenia)
MTEDMesquite Transportation for the Elderly and Disabled (Texas)
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According to Table 1, the estimated maximum technical efficiency dose (MTED) for this variable varied between 8.9 and 9.9 g [L.sup.-1] during the nursery growth period, with an average value of approximately 9.3 g [L.sup.-1].
The optimal CRF dose estimated by the maximum efficiency technique for the 180 [cm.sup.3] containers was 9.3 g [L.sup.-1], whereas the estimated doses for the other containers were larger, indicating a tendency towards uniform increases in MTED with smaller volume containers (Figure 1).
Quadratic growth responses were observed for the dry mass, estimated by MTED at 9.82 g [L.sup.-1] for DMAP, and 9.41 g [L.sup.-1] for TDM (Figure 2A).