MTEEMinistry to Eastern Europe (Christianity)
MTEEMaster in Tourism and Environmental Economics (graduate degree program; various universities)
MTEEMeasured Total Energy Expenditure
MTEEMission to Early Earth (US NASA Astrobiology Institute)
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Total energy intake was compared to energy requirements (mTEE and pTEE) to assess the energy balance.
mTEE was significantly higher (mean difference 423 kcal, IQR -289; +776 kcal) than mean daily energy intake (P = 0047), but pTEE was not.
(11.) Mtee: WanAkpetyo tule iyouv angahar / Mrumun: Tule Tule /Mtee: Kume atsaka kpa ya zwa na.
(13.) Mtee: Kuhan yam ne oo o; / M kuha ikyoho imiom o!
(14.) Mtee: Nande-ityo oo / Nande-ityo wam aa!/Mrumun: Nande ityo oo / Nande iyo kpekpe!/Mtee: Akile za too nande ityou ne ve / Mrumun: Nande ityou kpekpe!
The planning phase of the workshop centered primarily on two of the mathematics teacher educators (MTE), Tami and Alex, and a mathematics teacher educator's educator (MTEE), Keren.
The company's control has already been handed over to MTEE.
MTEE general manager, Rob Schellekens, said,"We need to rethink the traditional propulsion systems to meet the increasingly complex requirements.