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ADP-induced platelet aggregation inhibition was measured by mTEG in 5042 patients per the physician's discretion.
Second, the inhibition of platelet aggregation assessed by mTEG was significantly lower in patents with concomitant PPI use than in those without.
O MTEG esta estruturado em cinco constructos de primeira ordem: Fontes de Tensao no Trabalho, Fontes de Tensao do Individuo e do Papel Gerencial, Mecanismos de Regulacao, Sintomas de Estresse e Indicadores de Impactos na Produtividade.
Antes de iniciar a coleta de dados foi realizado pre-teste do questionario (MTEG) com vinte casos, para validacao do conteudo e verificacao da equivalencia semantica pelos respondentes.
A funcao gerencial em foco: estudo em instituicao financeira nacional de grande porte com aplicacao do modelo teorico explicativo do estresse ocupacional em gerentes (MTEG).
In contrast, there were dose-related reductions in the reptilase mTEG MA from 44.6 [+ or -] 7.1 mm (control, mean [+ or -] SD) to 6.6 [+ or -] 2 mm.
These findings indicate that the mTEG Platelet Mapping assay should be suitable for the assessment of all three classes of antiplatelet agent.
In contrast, mTEG (Platelet Mapping) is more complex requiring two TEG 5000 devices.
In the third and fourth channels, mTEGs are run with the addition of AA or ADP.
mTEG [sup][R] uses four channels to detect the effects of antiplatelet therapy acting via the arachidonic acid and ADP pathways.
ROC curve analysis demonstrated that LTA (AUC: 0.677; 95% CI : 0.643-0.710; P = 0.0009) and mTEG (AUC: 0.684; 95% CI : 0.650-0.716; P = 0.0001) were able to distinguish between patients with and without MACE at 1-year follow-up [Figure 3].
High on-treatment platelet reactivity according to the cut-off value (ADP-aggregation ≥ 53.2%) by LTA was found in 229 (29.0%) of the enrolled patients ( n = 789), and HPR according to the cut-off value (ADP-inhibition ≤ 32%) by mTEG was found in 285 (36.1%) of the enrolled patients ( n = 789).