MTELPMichigan Test of English Language Proficiency
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I first examined the descriptive statistics for the CFIT and MTELP as well as actual GPA scores of each seminary class.
Table 1 shows the descriptive statistics of performance on the CFIT, and Table 2 indicates those for the MTELP.
Table 4 lists the descriptive statistics of the CFIT and MTELP according to various classes of seminarians.
The correlation matrix for the CFIT, MTELP, and actual GPA is presented in Table 5a.
A logistic regression procedure was then used to determine how well the CFIT and MTELP could predict actual GPA given groups that were balanced according to size and achievement (n = 59).
The data analysis suggests that the MTELP and CFIT are useful in predicting academic achievement of seminarians in Papua New Guinea.
Low achievers also found the Vocabulary portion of the MTELP more difficult than the Grammar section, possibly because filling in a correct grammatical answer is easier than guessing the correct meaning of a new word.