MTEMMobile Transporter Element Manager
MTEMMulti-Transient Electromagnetics
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Among these methods, MTEM is widely used in the detection of advanced heading face.
As mentioned above, the difference between ground surface TEM and MTEM is that the measurement of MTEM is located in the mine roadway.
He points out that MTEM, the biggest success it has had, was initially turned down for Proof of Concept funding by Scottish Enterprise.
Norwegian geophysical company Petroleum Geo-Services ASA (PGS) said on Wednesday (20 June) that it has agreed to acquire the UK-based company MTEM Limited.
MTEM, headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, provides electromagnetic (EM) services used to detect the presence of hydrocarbons.
based MTEMS firms should consider expanding their customer base overseas.
In 1939 in order to finance the publication of his doctoral dissertation (a requirement for receiving his degree) Konrad Bekker was forced to sell selected mtems of Bekker's papers (principally letters from prominent musical personalities and a few manuscript scores) to the Library of Congress, while other libraries acquired a number of books and scores.