MTEPMidwest ISO (Independent System Operator) Transmission Expansion Plan
MTEPMedical Technologies Evaluation Program (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence; UK)
MTEPMaster Test and Evaluation Plan
MTEPMoving Target Exploitation Procedures
MTEPMilitary Training Evaluation Plan
MTEPMAF (Master Address File)/TIGER (Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing) Enhancements Program (US Census Bureau)
MTEPMillion-Ton Equivalent of Petroleum (energy consumption)
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They realized at the start of the NIC that MTEP members were capable of sharing but needed help to move from sharing to common execution.
The result indicates that these porous terpolymers and MTEP have promising potential in application of immobilized enzymes.
Paprastai sistemu inovacijoms kurti reikia maziau istekliu nei tradiciniu MTEP pagrindu kuriamoms inovacijoms, kadangi joms kurti panaudojamos jau esamos zinios.
3-2d ("The MTEP is the Bi-SCs' programme that schedules exercises and exercise resources to implement SACEUR's strategic priorities and achieve the required levels of operational readiness.
zija 27,9 54,7 Suomija 32,8 53,9 Svedija 30,1 62,9 Vokietija 24,8 57,7 Valstybe Asmenys, nebaige Visos islaidos, svietimo istaigos, skiriamos MTEP, proc.
When newly developed research drugs MPEP and MTEP were injected into the hippocampus, the calming drugs ended 'the dance'.
Holman PJ, Madeley J, Craig TM, Allsopp BA, Allsopp MTEP, Petrini KR, et al.
We collected additional, limited data from the MTEP instructors and used relevant print material as further data.
Atliekant tyrimus buvo pasinaudota Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universiteto Civilines inzinerijos mokslo centro MTEP infrastruktura.
La demande nationale en energie risque de passer de 46 millions de tonnes equivalent petrole (MTEP) actuellement a environ entre 80 MTEP, voire 100 MTEP a horizon 2030, avec une population depassant 50 millions d'habitants.
DATC Midwest Portfolio Phase 3 is included in Appendix C of the 2012 MISO MTEP.