MTERAMedical Therapy, Education and Research Act (Singapore)
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Concerns over water availability remains as the topmost challenge at the basin stirred by repeated water shortages at Mtera hydropower plant which is the largest dam in the country considering height, crest length, and concrete volume [7, 82].
Plant name Hale Nyumba ya Mungu River basin Pangani Generation type Run-off river reservoir Installation year 1964 1968 Installed 21 8 capacity (MW) Plant 45 42.5 discharge ([m.sup.3]) Annual generation 36.11 21.53 (GWh) Reservoir active 0 600 storage ([10.sup.6] [m.sup.3]) Turbine type Francis-Vertical Plant factor (%) 20 31 Plant name New Pangani Falls Kidatu Mtera River basin Generation type Run-offriver Reservoir Reservoir Installation year 1995 1975/1980 1988 Installed 68 204 80 capacity (MW) Plant 45 140 96 discharge ([m.sup.3]) Annual generation 137.2 558.34 166.68 (GWh) Reservoir active 0.8 125 3.2 storage ([10.sup.6] [m.sup.3]) Turbine type Plant factor (%) 23 31 24 Plant name Uwemba Kihansi Mwenga Hydro Ltd.
Tanzania is likely to close its largest hydroelectric power plant at Mtera, according to President Jakaya Kikwete.
These capabilities strengthen Coriant's portfolio of MEF-certified packet solutions which include the industry's first MEF 100G CE 2.0 certified product, the Coriant mTera Universal Transport Platform and pave the way for seamless integration into carriers' open lifecycle service orchestration environment.
Again, as in Kenya, rationing came to an end in January 2001, when rainfall in the uplands brought the Mtera Dam power plant back on stream.
To maximize utilization of its fiber optic assets and enhance the resiliency, scalability, and flexibility of its broadband services, 1&1 Versatel has deployed the mTera in major backbone sites across Germany and is currently extending deployment to its regional fiber optic networks.
The Telkom nationwide upgrade project includes expanded deployment of the Coriant mTera Universal Transport Platform to optimize service traffic and maximize utilization of fiber assets as the network scales.
Best-in-class 100G and Beyond Optical Transmission Technology now available in the Coriant hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform, Coriant mTera Universal Transport Platform (UTP), and Coriant Groove G30 DCI Platform, Coriant CloudWave Optics technology leverages a leading signal processing engine, optimized integrated photonics, and embedded software to deliver flexible transmission at 100G (QPSK), 150G (8QAM), and 200G (16QAM) with ultra-long reach (up to 5,000 km terrestrial) and industry-leading high density and low power consumption
South Africa-based telecommunications services provider Broadband Infraco will use the optical networking solutions provider Coriant's mTera Universal Transport Platform to modernize and enhance its nationwide fiber optic backbone network, Coriant said.
The Coriant solution, which includes the Coriant mTera Universal Transport Platform (UTP) and CoriantA hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform, met RENATER's stringent network architecture requirements with industry-leading features such as hybrid Optical Transport Network (OTN) and packet switching, flexible protection and restoration, and coherent 100G optical transport.
(vi) technical and financial audits; (vii) Feasibility and Preliminary Design and Detailed Engineering Design of the Mtera Bridge in Tanzania; (viii) Compensation and Resettlement.
The consultant notes that in the next three years Kidatu power plant expects to produce 88mw, Mtera 54mw, Kihansi 15mw and Pangani system 40mw.