MTESTMinistry of Tourism, Environment, Science and Technology (Malaysia)
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Identificacao do ponto de deflexao da frequencia cardiaca utilizando MTest. Revista GEINTEC.
The data analysis is carried out using Mtest and Microsoft Excel 2010.
Analysis started with descriptive statistics, Mtest to compare mean values of variables between two groups.
Inferential statistical tests such as paired Mtest were used to compare the parameters before and after yoga.
Results are expressed in frequency and percentages; unpaired student Mtest was applied and P < 0.05 is taken has significant.
Each parameter of liver enzymes of each subject was expressed as mean [+ or -] standard deviation; statistical analysis was performed using unpaired Student's Mtest and P < 0.05 was considered significant.
Student's Mtest (two-tailed, independent) and Chi-square test have been used to find the significance of study parameters.
Comparing ziprasidone and pimozide at half maximal dose in polydipsic rats (PD1S and PD2S), a two-tailed unpaired Mtest was run, and the difference was significant.
Frequency comparisons were performed by an appropriate test such as Chi-square test and Mtest. A P < 0.05 was considered to denote statistical significance.
The data were suitably arranged and were subjected to statistical analysis; the level of significance is calculated by applying Mtest. All the values are expressed in mean [+ or -] standard error of mean.