MTFFMan Tended Free Flyer
MTFFMean Time to First Failure (reliability)
MTFFMedium Term Financial Forecast (UK)
MTFFMedium Term Financial Framework (UK)
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For all these reasons it is advisable not to loosen fiscal policy beyond that envisaged under the MTFF.
In this context Turkey could consider moving towards an expenditure rule with binding multiyear ceilings for aggregate government spending compatible with the MTFF.
Regarding estimates of MTFF, Currit, Dyer, and Mills [36] describe a procedure for producing a certified estimate of the MTTF of a system, using statistical testing.
They underscored that the MTFF should aim to increase tax revenues over the medium term and prepare for the fiscal implications of rapid population aging.
Building on these achievements, MTFFs should continue to be refined and, in the case of Abu Dhabi, increasingly integrated into the budget formulation process.