MTFPMedium Term Financial Plan (UK)
MTFPMoldovan Travel Fellowship Program
MTFPMedium Term Fiscal Policy (India)
MTFPMississippi Teacher Fellowship Program (est. 1998; School of Education; University of Mississippi; University, MS)
MTFPMajor Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan (Houston, TX)
MTFPMission Tailored Force Package
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Based on this the MTFP is developed, serving as the principal document for the national authorities to plan their international military contributions necessary for the accomplishment of agreed and proposed military missions.
Thus, the MRFRP has a target of reducing the ratio of revenue deficit to revenue receipts by five percentage points every year, but the fiscal targets set out in the MTFP for fulfilling World Bank/ADB conditions are different.
These improvements will upgrade existing roadway to MTFP standards.