MTFSMagnetic Tape Forward Space
MTFSMedium Term Financial Strategy
MTFSMinnesota Twin Family Study (psychology)
MTFSMulti-Threaded File System (Linux)
MTFSMake Time for Success (employment program)
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All MTFs overseas would then report to their respective DHA regional offices.
That is the forecast made in Cheshire East Council's Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) - which is due to be approved on February 21.
They added that the pilot would generate "significant cost savings" through lower administrative fees and the elimination of acquisition cost disparity among pharmacy service locations by giving DoD the authority to require branded drugs dispensed in a retail setting to be purchased at the much lower rate than currently being paid for the same medications dispensed in mail or MTFs.
There are currently sick call and appointment procedures from supporting MTFs in place for military police battalions.
Acupuncture has been consistently provided in the MHS since 2005 [18] and remains one of the most prevalent modalities, being provided at 83 MTFs in 2013 [4].
Managers can also hire civilian personnel as "over-hires" to meet needs--an important capability that allows MTFs to react faster to changing circumstances than TDA changes allow (since these can take several years).
Also in 2011, the Statistical Analysis Cell received a request to provide the Center for Army Analysis a casualty estimation methodology and estimated admission rates for nontraditional populations (patients other than US Army Soldiers) treated at Role 3 Army MTFs in theater.
In an order, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said that pending the final resolution of the proposed MTF, the spot market administrator should continue applying the 2013 rates.
At the center of these three missions are the DoD's Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) and the medical professionals that work and train at them.
The type of participants is a significant differentiator of dark pools, and it cuts along the classification of dark venues as public venues (multilateral trading facilities (MTFs), exchanges) or operated by a broker (broker crossing networks (BCNs)).
Resolution was assessed using modulation transfer functions (MTFs).
'Our proposition is very different to those of other MTFs due to the absence of proprietary and high frequency flows,' he said, adding, 'The composition of our 100 percent natural client liquidity reflects our unique positioning as Europe's largest agency broker and top-ranked small and mid cap firm.'