MTHAMetropolitan Toronto Housing Authority (Canada)
MTHAMerthyr Tydfil Housing Association (UK)
MTHAManitoba Transit Heritage Association (est. 1990; Canada)
MTHAMassachusetts Treasure Hunting Association (est. 1981)
MTHAMaryland Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association, Inc.
MTHAMackinaw Trail Health Associates (Cadillac, MI)
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The autobiography of the second Dalai Lama merely mentions the meeting: "while I was in E region after being invited by the Lha rgyal ri's family, (19) I was persistently invited to come to the direction of Dwags po by Mtha'khob (frontier) Bstan pa'i sgron me and Slob dpon Chos dpal ba, and all the teacher and disciples [of the Dwags po monastery].
As per the deal, BEE consortium will provide the funding to 1Time as well as deliver its aviation knowledge because Mtha Aviation offers aviation training and aircraft maintenance.
received by the MTHA. (78) By 1959, the waiting list for these units was
Figure 2 Children Per Family, 1951-91 Average Number of Children Per Family Toronto CMA RP CEA RPS RPN 1951 1.1 1.7 1961 1.4 2.6 3.4 1971 1.6 3.0 2.2 1976 1.4 2.7 1.9 1981 1.3 2.4 1.8 1991 1.2 2.0 1.8 Compiled from 1951-1991 CMA, RP CEA, RPS, RPN: DBS and Statscan, Census of Canada, Dwelling, Household and Family Characteristics; and 1961 RPS: MTHA, Annual Report 1960-1961.
If we include the handful of MTHA buildings dotting the same territory, private agents police over three square kilometres of high-rise buildings, walkways, and roadways, as well as over 30,000 working-class persons in the heart of Toronto.
(22) sems can de dag sdug bsngal dang/de'i rgyu mtha' dag las bral bar dod pa'i snying rje/
It is said to be one of the border-subduing temples (mtha' 'dul), but I do not think this is true.
After buying it for pounds 650,000 in 2007, the Merthyr Tydfil Housing Association (MTHA) pledged a pounds 2.5m revamp to turn it into office space, a cafe/bistro, creche and a glass atrium.
Mtha Aviation, SKMT Sunrise Investment Group and Oakleaf Investment Holdings 59 are included in the consortium.
29), where the Sanskrit reads ya idatn dharmabhanaketm pujayisyati tena sakalasamaptah saddharmahpzjito bhavati, and the Tibetan reads gang la la zhig chos hi rnam grangs I= dhannapatyliyal 'di la mchod pa byed par 'gyur ba des darn pa 'i chos mtha' dag chub par mchod par 'gyur ro.
Chos rje dam pa 'Jigs med phun tshogs 'byung gnas dpal bzang po mchog gi mjug mtha'i zhal gdams rang tshugs ma shor/ gzhan sems ma dkrugs zhes pa'i 'grel ba Lugs gnyis blang dor gsal ba'i sgron me (composed in 2004).
gang tshe rkang gnyis gtso bo khyod bltams tshe/ sa chen 'di na goms pa bdun bor nas/ nga ni 'jig rten 'di na mchog ces gsungs/ de tshe mkhas pa khyod la phyag 'tshal lo/ zhes bstod yul dam pa phyogs bcu rab 'byams mu mtha'