MTHF5,10-methylene tetrahydrofolate
MTHFMost Traversed Hop-count First
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The overall understanding of the combustion characteristic of 25DHF could be achieved by comparing 25DHF with furan and MTHF whose molecule structure are similar to 25DHF.
30] studied the ignition characteristic of MTHF and the correlation was also obtained at the pressure of 1.
At 4atm and 10atm, the ignition delay times of 25DHF and MTHF cross at 1400K and 1460K, separately.
The MTHF kinetic model developed and verified in 2013 by Moshammer et al.
3]CHO(+M) is the key reaction which can prohibit MTHF ignition and the competitive reaction MTHF2(+M)=[C.
Women with a known genetic defect in folic acid absorption should look for prenatal vitamins with the already converted form of folic acid, called methylfolate, or L-methylfolate or MTHF.
Researchers have found higher blood pressures in those with MTHF polymorphisms.
MTHF reductase polymorphisms (can be run through regular labs such as LabCorp)