MTIEMaximum Time Interval Error
MTIEManaging the Technology-Intensive Enterprise (seminar; Babson College; Massachusetts)
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National Company for Housing for Professional Syndicates (NHPS), MM Group For Industry And International Trade (MTIE), and El Obour Real Estate Investment (OBRI) were the top gainers of the session, with 9.98 percent, 9.88 percent and 9.20 percent, respectively.
Wander Frequency Limit Observation Network Type Accuracy (MTIE) Period Reference 2.048 Kbit/s [+ or -] 50 ppm 9 [micro] 0.2 to 32 s G.823 Interface (E1) (G.703, Section 18 ms 64 to 1000 s (03/2000), 9.1) Table 2 1.544 Kbit/s [+ or -] 32 ppm 13 UI 15 minutes T1.403 Interface (T1) (T1.403, Section (8.4 ms) Section 5.2.3) 28 UI 24 hours
Such enhanced functionality and performance features include automatic holdover upon loss of reference signal with SONET minimum clock or Stratum 3 stability as the internal oscillator continues to provide an output signal; loss of Reference and Loss of Lock status indicators/alarms; "hitless" switching between two reference input signals; intelligent monitoring/switching between multiple reference signals received simultaneously; TDEV and MTIE within applicable SONET/SDH masks; and true SMT packaging; a buffered, jitter-attenuated output copy of the reference input signal; and a single power supply and ground connection serves all internal components.
UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global safety science leader, was recently selected as the only foreign testing center for wind turbine generation systems over 750kW by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS), a division within the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MTIE).